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  • Dr. Anil Pratap Singh

GSA's Head authored book, "OCEAN & ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY" - Released on UN Day-2021

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Book as authored by GSA's Head, "OCEAN & ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY" - A bi-lingual (English & Hindi) submission in favor of 'UN Decade of Oc

ean Science for Sustainable Development’ had successfully been launched on 76th UN Day and getting overwhelming responses from all across the continents and the author is happy to note that not only academic and research institutions (in Ocean Science/Environment and other) but also agencies like UN World Food Programme, World Bank and many others kept the aforesaid book for their readings.

Preface from the book: The Oceans, seas and marine resources are present day hope to cope many challenges as being faced by the human kind and the United Nations (UN) Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) provides a 'once in a lifetime opportunity to create a new foundation, across the science-policy interface, to strengthen the management of the ocean. The importance of oceans on the life and sustenance of humanity as proposed by the UN, Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG-14), dealing with 'Life below Water' also lay emphasis on the significance of oceans in modulating and sustaining life and provide firm optimisms for national and global economic prosperities i.e. 'blue economy". The present compilation of my own articles, as published elsewhere, intend to support efforts to reverse the cycle of decline in ocean health and create improved conditions for sustainable development of the ocean as well as to contribute towards broad perspectives of environmental sustainability. 'Restoration of the ecosystems' is the key concern of the time. Due to my personal and professional inclinations, I have authored many articles in reputed Science, Environment and Ocean Science magazines and journals; a very few of these piled up here as an asset for professionals, stakeholders and students, irrespective of their engagements in disciplines of science, environment or any branch of the oceanography. Since best part of the book contented a propos on ocean science and its UN decade but substantial component also comprises wide-ranging topics on climate change, ecosystem restoration, and innovative efforts in carbon foot-print reduction, mass extinction of biota, Earth reheats (global warming), extreme events like tropical cyclones and technological advances in their predictions etc. which are highly pertinent for sustainability of the environment and moreover draw a parallel relationship between ocean, seas and marine resources. {Bilingual-English & Hindi}.

Intended book audiences: The book, "OCEAN & ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY" is useful for UN agencies, government ministries committed for achieving SDGs, fishermen communities, boat-owners, port/navigation/ocean (sea)-transport entities, universities/college/ educational and training institutes/hubs, shipyards, metrological and weather forecast departments, biodiversity professionals, civil societies etc. In addition to these, shipyards and infrastructure facilities, energy commissions, maritime industries, sea-traders, ports and navigation bodies, stakeholders etc. are also the intended audiences of the aforesaid book besides academic and research institutions and public in general.

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